Investment Approach




Acquisition Process


Upgrade & Improve Property


Asset & Property Management

Rationale for
Apartment Investing

Demographic changes, changing attitudes towards home ownership and tighter mortgage underwriting continue to create a shift toward renting. The ratio of homeowners vs renters is shifting in favor of renters.

Additional demographic shifts such as the increase in the percentages of young professionals, “Echo Boomers”, together with increasing immigration, are bringing about households that overwhelmingly favor renting. They prefer renting due to its low maintenance nature and the mobility it provides. Last but not least, the continued trend to defer marriage until later in life has proved a boon in demand for apartment living.

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Investment Approach
and Strategy

Univest’s goal is to provide a safe haven for its partners’ capital by investing in low risk real estate opportunities that generate healthy cash on cash returns with potential for significant capital appreciation.

We look for apartment communities in high demand, supply constrained markets that have under-market rents and/or have sub-par performance due to mismanagement.

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At Univest we seek to preserve our partners’ capital and enhance the value of our investment through proactive and innovative asset management techniques. Our asset management team provides the following asset management services:

  • Direct oversight of property operations and capital improvements
  • Regular site visits and review of monthly financial reports
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Why Invest
with Univest?

First and foremost, more than 25 years of successful performance in cash flow production and asset value appreciation; second, Univest managers invariably invest their own capital and take an ownership interest in the properties they acquire; third, the strong emphasis the Univest team places on integrity, accountability, entrepreneurialism, and transparency; and fourth, the team’s willingness to roll up its sleeves and take a hands-on approach to asset value maximization and cash flow generation.

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